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Civic Innovation Beyond Civic Technology

May 15, 2014

A sneak peek of New America's recent civic innovation brainstorm. More soon.

Technology has become part of nearly everything we do in our public and private lives. It shapes the way we connect with our friends and family, move through our cities and hometowns, and relax after a tough week. Technology also increasingly provides avenues for public interaction -- within our communities (online and off) and with our government. We use tech to vote, communicate with neighbors, access government services, follow politics, and participate in decision-making. “Civic tech” innovations have helped us fundamentally shift the way we understand our world and our place in it. But technology alone doesn’t cause this change. We do.

Think Local First: 3 Innovation Strategies for City Economies

May 12, 2014

An image from David Macauley's Underground, source: http://socks-studio.com/

This post from OTI’s Civic Innovation Team is part of the Meeting of the Minds Blog Event, posing the question -- How could cities better connect all their residents to economic opportunity?

Everyday in our cities, we interact with layers of social, technical and political systems. At the Open Technology Institute (OTI), we research, analyze, and experiment around the ways in which people interact with these layers and how that impacts equitable access to information, freedom to communicate, and economic and community development. One area of our work focuses on “Civic Innovation.” We believe civic innovations aren’t necessarily new city apps, but rather include processes and practices that re-imagine how cities can support and engage residents.  As cities capitalize on these emerging innovations -- both born locally and from peers -- they pioneer a new frontier for sustainable community networks, social structures that have huge implications for the trajectory, strength, and inclusivity of economic growth.

The Peer Network Gets "Brain Trust"

April 2, 2014
Publication Image Cross post from the Code for America blog. For original post, click here.

I’m excited to announce that Code for America’s community for government professionals, the Peer Network, is gaining some new expertise.

A Partnership in Practice

March 31, 2014
Guest post by Cassandra Johnson, a Santa Monica Fellow working with the California Civic Innovation Project.

Civic Tech Forecast: 2014

February 10, 2014
Cross post from Code for America's blog. Orginial post can be found here.
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