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The Peer Network Gets "Brain Trust"

April 2, 2014
Publication Image Cross post from the Code for America blog. For original post, click here.

I’m excited to announce that Code for America’s community for government professionals, the Peer Network, is gaining some new expertise.

A Partnership in Practice

March 31, 2014
Guest post by Cassandra Johnson, a Santa Monica Fellow working with the California Civic Innovation Project.

Civic Tech Forecast: 2014

February 10, 2014
Cross post from Code for America's blog. Orginial post can be found here.

Exploring Civic Innovation

February 4, 2014
Publication Image Last Tuesday I co-hosted an event at New America with the Open Technology Institute and the Asset Building Program that explored civic innovations in policy, community organizing, technology, and government. “Civic Innovation, Can It Save Our Democracy?” was the first of a series of events focusing on ways that civic innovation changes how people relate to one another and to government.

Wanted: Conveners, Facilitators, and Catalysts

January 23, 2014
Last week I gave a talk to the 2014 Code for America fellows, titled Strategic Serendipity, where I discussed the importance of their role in bringing about longer-term change in their host cities. The fellows have the opportunity to “stage” interactions between residents, government staffers, community leaders, researchers, foundation professionals, civic hackers, and elected officials.

A Step Toward More Effective Civic Tech Funding

January 14, 2014
Publication Image Philanthropic organizations and private investors have radically transformed the civic innovation landscape. They are an important part of the civic innovation ecosystem -- a community of actors that propels new relationships between the public and the local governments that serve them in order to make our cities better places to live.

NEW REPORT: Public Pathways: A Guide to Online Engagement Tools for Local Governments

January 8, 2014
Publication Image With the pervasive use of technology in Americans’ daily lives, the expectation of how government interacts with residents is rapidly changing. Technology has dramatically shifted the way people do business with their banks, doctors, and employers. So, why is government lagging in using online tools to connect with residents? Today, CCIP released a guide for local government staffers to support them in selecting online tools for public engagement strategies.

A New Project to Study Innovation Offices

December 19, 2013
What do Citigroup, Coca Cola, the State of Maryland and the City of Davis, California have in common? They all have chief innovation officers who are either responsible for managing the process of innovative development throughout their organizations, or for pursuing specific projects within a siloed innovation team. In the last few years, federal agencies, state and municipal governments have created chief innovation posts in increasing numbers, though their ranks are still small.
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